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Title: Transfer of bloody serious gaming
Authors: Helsdingen, Anne
Sluimer, Ralf
Korteling, Hans
Keywords: transfer
serious gaming
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: European Association of Aviation Psychologists
Abstract: Commercially available PC based games are gaining interest as tools for education and training. However, the quality of these environments is hardly ever assessed. Empirical Transfer of Training studies to establish the learning value of a game are uncommon because these studies pose serious financial, practical and methodological problems: The real-world task environment may be too dangerous or rare; the free play nature of game-based learning may hamper controlled studies; or only a subset of the skills are trained with the game, causing difficulty for testing the transfer of these skills to a task environment in which the whole set of skills is required. Because of these problems, subjective opinions of learners and instructors are considered sufficient to decide on the appropriateness of a game for training. The problem with these subjective evaluations, however, is that they are often inaccurate because learners tend to base their judgment on performance during learning, which is often a bad indicator for performance after the learning phase and transfer. The present study explores how the training value of a flight simulator game for part-task training can be assessed by aggregating data from subjective evaluations using the Fleishman Job Analysis Scales, expert assessments of validity of a game using CONCERT (Computer based tool for certification of training systems), and a quasi-experimental design measuring transfer of skills from the game to a high fidelity simulation of the real-world job environment. The data thus collected provides evidence for claims that the game is acceptable for its intended use as a part-task trainer. The discussion focuses on some methodological limitations of this approach to transfer of training measurement. We also discuss the difference between game play as a leisure activity and games incorporated in formal training for it’s effect on endogenous and exogenous motivators, like fun, flow and competition.
Description: Helsdingen, A. S. , Sluimer, R. R., & Korteling, J. E. (2010, September). Transfer of bloody serious gaming. Presented at the European Association of Aviation Psychologists (EAAP) conference, Budapest.
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