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Title: Business models in OER: A contingency approach
Authors: Helsdingen, Anne
Jansen, Ben
Schuwer, Robert
Keywords: Open educational resources
business models
Issue Date: Nov-2010
Publisher: OPENED
Abstract: We will present an analysis of data from a literature review and semi-structured interviews with experts on OER, to identify different aspects of OER business models and to establish how the success of the OER initiatives is measured. The results collected thus far show that two different business models for OER initiatives exist, but no data on their success or failure is published. We propose a framework for measuring success of OER initiatives.
Description: Helsdingen, A. S., Jansen, B., & Schuwer, R. (2010, November). Business models in OER: A contingency approach. Paper presented at the OPENED conference, Barcelona, Spain.
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