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Title: Problem-based learning
Authors: Loyens, Sofie
Kirschner, Paul A.
Paas, Fred
Keywords: Problem based learning
emprirical results
Issue Date: 8-Nov-2010
Abstract: Problem-based learning (PBL) represents a major development in educational practice that continues to impact both courses and disciplines worldwide. The chapter first outlines what PBL is and when, why, and how it developed. Next, I discuss what PBL aims to establish. The key elements of PBL are reviewed, followed by empirical research on the effects of PBL. Finally, it conclude the chapter with critical remarks and final notes.
Description: Loyens, S. M. M., Kirschner, P. A., & Paas, F. (2011). Problem-based learning. In S. Graham (Editor-in-Chief), A. Bus, S. Major, & L. Swanson (Associate Editors), APA educational psychology handbook: Vol. 3. Application to learning and teaching (pp. 403-425). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.
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