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Title: Innovating education with an educational modelling language: two case-studies
Authors: Sloep, Peter
Van Bruggen, Jan
Tattersall, Colin
Vogten, Hubert
Koper, Rob
Brouns, Francis
Van Rosmalen, Peter
Keywords: innovation
innovation-diffusion theory
virtual learning environment
educational modelling language
IMS Learning Design specification
learning design
Issue Date: 22-Dec-2004
Abstract: The ultimate aim of this study is to investigate how one may maximise the success chances of an educational innovations based on the implementation of an educational modelling language. These languages are both technically and organisationally quite demanding. Their implementation therefore constitutes a major innovation. Two different implementation cases of the educational modelling language EML provide the data for the investigation. The one case is situated in an institution for higher professional education that caters for on-campus students, the other in an institution for higher, open distance education that serves off-campus, home-based students. Together, the cases represent two important dimensions of the space of possible educational modelling language implementations. Rogers' diffusion-innovation theory is used as the backdrop for the analysis of the cases. It not only provides a common yard stick, but more importantly helps understand why the implementations failed in particular respects. Thus, it helps formulate guidelines for future implementations. In this respect, a current candidate, IMS Learning Design, is discussed at some length.
Description: Please cite original at: Sloep, P.B., Van Bruggen, J., Tattersall, C., Vogten, H., Koper, R., Brouns, F., Van Rosmalen, P. (2006), Innovating education with an educational modelling language: two case studies, Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 43(3), 291-301
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