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Title: On the role of self-assessment and task-selection in self-regulated learning
Authors: Kostons, Danny
Keywords: self-regulated learning
self-assessment & task selection
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: Open University of the Netherlands
Abstract: Effective self-regulated learning, in which students have to select their own learning tasks, is difficult for students. They need to be able to self-assess their own performance and subsequently select a new learning task based on that assessment. The research in this dissertation first investigates difficulties students have with accurately self-assessing their performance and selecting learning tasks appropriate to their learning needs. Students seem to have difficulties in monitoring their own performance, lack knowledge of criteria and standards to accurately assess their performance, and do not know which aspects of a task are important to consider when selecting a learning task. Second, this dissertation investigates the effectiveness of training students’ self-assessment and task-selection skills on the accuracy of these skills, as well as effects of such training on learning outcomes with self-regulated learning. Training, either through worked examples or instruction with practice, increased self-assessment and task-selection accuracy, and led to higher learning outcomes with self-regulated learning.
Description: Kostons, D. (2010). On the role of self-assessment and task-selection in self-regulated learning. Doctoral Thesis. Heerlen, The Netherlands: Open University of the Netherlands.
ISBN: 978-90-79447-44-2
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