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Title: Adaptive confidence-oriented self-assessment in an IMS LD Unit of Learning
Authors: Verpoorten, Dominique
Keywords: ICOPER
confidence degrees
Dangerous Knowledge Tour
Issue Date: 4-Jan-2011
Abstract: This document presents an adaptive unit of learning, called "The Dangerous Knowledge Tour", which cumulates two novelties. On the one hand, the adaptive processes were modelled with the IMS-LD authoring tool Recourse at level B. On the other hand, it provides the first example of an adaptive sequencing based on a combination of cognitive and metacognitive formative tests. From a technical viewpoint (IMS-LD for adaptation) and from an instructional viewpoint (combination of learning and metalearning factors in assessment), the Dangerous Knowledge Tour (Verpoorten & Glahn, 2010) provides an up-and-running instantiation of a next generation assessment. However, the instructional design efforts highlighted shortages and drawbacks regarding IMS LD and QTI specifications.
Description: Verpoorten, D. (2010). Adaptive confidence-oriented self-assessment in an IMS LD Unit of Learning. In D6.3 - Best practice guidelines for assessment and evaluation specifications and standards. Aggregates internal deliverables WP6 Assessment & Evaluation Testbed. ICOPER.
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