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Title: Rethinking Learning and Employment at a Time of Economic Uncertainty, Proceedings of the 6th TENCompetence Open Workshop
Authors: Griffiths, David
Koper, Rob
Keywords: TENCompetence
comptence development
lifelong learning
IMS Learning Design
Issue Date: 9-Feb-2011
Abstract: These proceedings consist of the peer reviewed papers presented at the Sixth TENCompetence Open Workshop. This was the final event of TENCompetence, which was an Integrated Project funded by the EU 6th Framework Programme with the goal of developing a European, open-source infrastructure to support the lifelong development of competences. The workshop took place at the Edwardian Hotel, Manchester, UK, on the 19th and 20th November 2009. The theme chosen was “Rethinking Learning and Employment at a Time of Economic Uncertainty”, reflecting the environment in which results of the project were to be deployed. The eight papers are grouped into three thematic sections: (1) strategic issues related to the provision competence development activities; (2) aspects of the technical infrastructure required to provide flexible support for competence development; (3) the results of pilots which make use of TENCompetence tools to provide competence development opportunities in four contrasting contexts of lifelong learning, outside the traditional context of formal education.
Description: Griffiths, D., & Koper, R. (2010). Rethinking Learning and Employment at a Time of Economic Uncertainty. Proceedings of the 6th TENCompetence Open Workshop. Bolton, UK: Institute for Educational Cybernetics, The University of Bolton.
ISBN: 978-0-907311-30-0
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