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Title: D2.5 LTfLL roadmap
Authors: Burek, Gaston
Gerdemann, Dale
Trausan-Matu, Stefan
Rebedea, Traian
Loiseau, Mathieu
Dessus, Philippe
Lemaire, Benoit
Wild, Fridolin
Haley, Debra
Anastasiou, Lucas
Hoisl, Bernhard
Markus, Thomas
Westerhout, Eline
Monachesi, Paola
Keywords: LTfLL
language technology
LTfLL tools
Issue Date: 2-Mar-2011
Abstract: This deliverable reports on a vision of the future for the LTLL tools and language technology for e-learning generally. The LTfLL tools and infrastructure are presented in terms of three layers (subsections), which are ultimately based on the final validation results. Layer one describes achievements and their importance. Layer two describes requiremets for adoption and sustain ability. And layer three describes logical extensions which could be made for any future versions of the tools. The report ends with a discussion of the future of language technology-based e-learning tools, with the guiding theme being personalisable tools for social learning.
Description: Burek, G., Gerdemann, D., Trausan-Matu, S., Rebedea, T., Loiseau, M., Dessus, P., Lemaire, B., Wild, F., Haley, D., Anastasiou, L., Hoisl, B., Markus, T., Westerhout, E., & Monachesi, P. (2011). D2.5 LTfLL roadmap. LTfLL-project.
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