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Title: Use of the Semantic Web to solve some basic problems in Education: Increase flexible, distributed lifelong learning, decrease teacher's workload
Authors: Koper, Rob
Keywords: semantic web
learning networks
learning design
lifelong learning
self organization
Issue Date: 28-Nov-2003
Abstract: The use of the semantic web in education is explored. Two application areas for use are discussed: a) software agents that support teachers in performing their tasks in flexible online educational settings, and b) software agents that interpret the structure of distributed, self-organized, self-directed learning networks for lifelong learning. The resulting information is used by learners to help persons them perform their tasks in this context more effectively and efficiently. Both of these tasks reuqire a semantic representation of educational entities, specifically the structure of the teaching-learning process, in order to allow for automatic processing. Self-organised learning networks provide a base for the establishment of a form of education that goes beyond course and curriculum centric models, and envisions a learner-centred and learner controlled model of lifelong learning. In such learning contexts learners have the same possibilities to act that teachers and other staff members have in regular, less learner-centred educational approaches In addition these networks are designed to operate without increasing the workload for learners or staff members. Mechanisms responsible for this efficiency are principles of self-organization and software agents. Both of which are based on semantic web principles that provide support and regulative feedback for both learners and teachers.
Description: Please refer to: Koper, R. (2004). Use of the Semantic Web to Solve Some Basic Problems in Education: Increase Flexible, Distributed Lifelong Learning, Decrease Teacher's Workload. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2004 (6). Special Issue on the Educational Semantic Web. ISSN:1365-893X [<a href=""></a>]
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