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Title: Towards the measurement of sex drive as an evolutionary supremacy:
Authors: Waterink, Wim
Keywords: sex drive, gender differences, evolutionary psychology
Issue Date: 14-Jul-2011
Abstract: If the human sex drive is an evolutionarily-instigated motivation towards procreation, then the strength of men and women’s sex drive should be dependent on factors affecting offspring. In this study, the effect of gender was investigated among 534 participants by means of a survey that was based on evolutionary adaptations underlying sexual behaviour, This survey the basis for a new research line. Analysis of covariance showed that, in general, men have a higher sex drive than women. These results are in line with studies of sexual selection and partner choice preferences where evolved behavioural manifestations of sex drive facilitate the competition and rivalry for access to a partner, and where men differ from women with regard to their participation in parental investment.
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