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Title: A latent time-budget model
Authors: De Leeuw, Jan
van der Heijden, Peter
Verboon, Peter
Keywords: time-budgets
latent structure
factor analysis
Issue Date: 1990
Citation: Statistica Neerlandica, 44, p 1-22
Abstract: Time–budgets summarize how the time of objects is distributed over a number of categories. Usually they are collected in object by category matrices with the property that rows of this data matrix add up to one. In this paper we discuss a model for the analysis of time–budgets that used this property. The model approximates the observed time–budgets by weighted sums of a number of latent time–budgets. These latent time–budgets determine the behavior of all objects. Special attention is given to the identification of the model. The model is compared with logcontrast principal component analysis.
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