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Title: The use of the Autism-spectrum Quotient in differentiating high functioning adults with autism, adults with schizophrenia and a neurotypical adult control group.
Authors: Wouters, Saskia G.M.
Spek, Annelies A.
Keywords: Autism
Autism-spectrum Quotient
Issue Date: 14-Jul-2011
Abstract: The present study compared 21 high functioning individuals with autism, 21 individuals with schizophrenia and 21 healthy individuals in self-reported features of autism, as measured by the Autism-spectrum Quotient (AQ). The individuals with autism reported impairment on all AQ subscales, compared to the neurotypical group. The schizophrenia group reported deficits on all subscales except Attention to detail, compared to the neurotypical group. The autism group reported more impairment than the individuals with schizophrenia in Social skill, Communication and Attention switching.
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