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Title: IMS Learning Design: How specifications could change the current e-learning landscape (in russian)
Authors: Burgos, Daniel
Berbegal, Nidia
Griffiths, David
Tattersall, Colin
Koper, Rob
Keywords: IMS Learning Design
UNFOLD Project
Issue Date: May-2005
Publisher: MESI, Moscow State University for Economy, Statistics and Computer Science
Abstract: Do we really need specifications in online teaching and online learning? Have a look to the current panorama. How many Learning Management systems are there in the market? How many Virtual Learning Environments? Easily, we can count up to twenty of each. How many of them are open source? Just a few, starting with the well known Moodle (Dougiamas, 2004 ), a web community system with facilities for collaborative e-learning and following with Edubox (OUNL and Perot Systems, 2004 ). And now, with how many can we interchange contents and learning structure? It’s a very simple answer. Zero.
Description: Please refer to the original article: Burgos, D., Berbegal, N., Griffiths, D., Tattersall, C., Koper, Rob. (2005) IMS Learning Design: How specifications could change the current e-learning landscape, in e-Learning World, issue 2, March-April 2005. ISSN: 1811-069X. Moscow: Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics - MESI
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