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Title: Modeling units of study from a pedagogical perspective: the pedagogical meta-model behind EML
Authors: Koper, Rob
Keywords: Educational Modelling
Learning Design
Pedagogical Models
Meta Model
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2001
Series/Report no.: OTEC working paper;
Abstract: The title of this article could have been: where is the learning in e-learning? The promise of e-learning, and the enabling learning technologies, is to make learning experiences in all types of settings more effective, efficient, attractive and accessible to the learners. In this article I will address the topic of the pedagogical design of learning experiences. Learning experiences are offered mostly in chunks, like courses. These chunks (in the next paragraph we abstract them to the concept of ‘units of study’) are the major delivery units for e-learning. I will specifically address the analysis of pedagogical models we did in order to provide a meta-model from which we could build a notation for units of study.
Description: This text is a short summary of the work on pedagogical analysis carried out when EML (Educational Modelling Language) was being developed. Because we address pedagogical meta-models the consequence is that I must justify the underlying pedagogical models it describes. I have included a (far from complete) list with literature used in the pedagogical analysis. I am sorry for its length, but for every pedagogical meta-model it is crucial to define the space of models where it is ‘meta’ to. As an aid to comprehension, I will use UML diagrams to express static and dynamic relationships when appropriate. All diagrams are drawn from a conceptual perspective and not from an implementation perspective. This paper is provided as input for the IMS Learning Design group. Please mail comments, questions and any other reactions to: With thanks to Adrian Rawlings for reviewing this version.
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