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Title: Adaptive Training in ATC
Authors: Brand-Gruwel, Saskia
Van Meeuwen, Ludo
Kirschner, Paul A.
De Bock, Jeano
Van Merriënboer, Jeroen
Keywords: Adaptive training
Self-directed learning
Self-regulated learning
Air-traffic control
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2011
Abstract: In the field of aviation, air traffic controllers must be able to adapt to continuing changes in a highly advanced technological work environment. Professionals in such an environment must learn how to act upon these changes and how to maintain and further develop their expertise to meet continually new requirements. Learners are called self-directed learners when they are able to formulate their own learning needs, set their own learning goals, and identify learning tasks that best help them reach their goals. This presentation will explain why explicit training of these self-directed learning skills is necessary for future professionals and that to train these skills, an adaptive training systems where system and trainee share control over learning task selection can help learners acquire these self-directed learning skills. Design guidelines are provided for the three main elements in such a system: A database with learning tasks, a development portfolio, and a coaching protocol.
Description: Brand-Gruwel, S., Van Meeuwen, L. W., Kirschner, P. A., Bock, J. J. P. R., & Van Merriënboer, J. J. G. (2011, 21 September). Adaptive Training in ATC. Presentation at the Symposium on Human Factors for Future Aviation, Schiphol-Oost, The Netherlands.
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