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Title: Practical and Pedagogical Issues for Teacher Adoption of IMS Learning Design Standards in Moodle LMS
Authors: Berggren, Anders
Burgos, Daniel
Fontana, Josep M.
Hinkelman, Don
Hung, Vu
Hursh, Anthony
Tielemans, Ger
Keywords: Moodle
IMS Learning Design
Learning Management System
Open Source
Issue Date: 24-Jun-2005
Abstract: Integrating the specifications and tools for IMS-Learning Design (IMS, 2003) into Moodle (Moodle, 2003), an open-source Learning Management System (LMS), is not just a technological question, but also relates to practical, pedagogical, and philosophical issues. This study documents the discussions and experiments of a team of teachers active in the Moodle community who are concerned with the development of international standards in future versions of Moodle. In the course (Moodle, 2005a) of studying the book, Learning Design (Koper and Tattersall, 2005), participants analysed the implications of integrating the LD specifications into Moodle and the operation of various LD tools (Coppercore, Reload) and related tools (LAMS) within the Moodle environment. These differences were then summarized into general implications for future versions of both Moodle and Learning Design. This study concludes that continued, open dialogue between teachers and developers of both LD and Moodle is necessary to achieve transparent integration.
Description: This article has been submitted (June 21, 2004) to the special issue on Learning Design of the Journal of Interactive Media (JIME, at and it is based on Chapter 13 (Griffiths, Richard) in the Springer Verlag book "Learning Design" (Koper and Tattersall, 2005)
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