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Title: Show small close comfort and listen - How to overcome barriers in the use of social media
Authors: Verjans, Steven
Keywords: social media
adult education
vocational education
Issue Date: 23-Nov-2011
Publisher: SVEA Project
Abstract: During the past years, the speaker has used social media in a number of courses and projects with adult learners. He has also provided workshops and trainings for his colleagues. Based on these experiences, he will suggest a number of tips for overcoming barriers in implementing social media in lifelong learning situations. These tips will be discussed in an interactive session. Four suggestions are made: Firstly, show the benefits of social media by illustrating how you or others use it with learners. Secondly, start small, take small steps, one at a time. Thirdly, stay close to actual practice of trainers and learners. Fourthly, stay as close to an individual’s comfort zone as possible. Make sure not to lose your audience by suggesting very wild tools. Finally, listen to what your learners are saying, evaluate, and take the next step accordingly.
Description: Verjans, S. (2011, 23 November). Show small close comfort and listen - How to overcome barriers in the use of social media. Presentation at the SVEA Final Conference "Next Generation Learning - How to Integrate Social Media in Vocational and Adult Training", Brussels, Belgium.
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