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Title: Thinking outside the box – A vision of ambient learning displays
Authors: Börner, Dirk
Kalz, Marco
Specht, Marcus
Keywords: ambient learning displays
ubiquitous learning
situated learning support
research agenda
technology enhanced learning
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2011
Abstract: With a focus on the situated support of informal and non-formal learning scenarios in ubiquitous learning environments the presented paper outlines the authors’ vision of ambient learning displays - enabling learners to view, access, and interact with contextualised digital content presented in an ambient way. The vision is based on a detailed exploration of the characteristics of ubiquitous learning and a deduction of informational, interactional, and instructional aspects to focus on. Towards the vision essential research questions and objectives as well as a conceptual framework that acquires, channels, and delivers the information framed in the learning process are presented. To deliver scientific insights into the authentic learning support in informal and non-formal learning situations and to provide suggestions for the future design of ambient systems for learning the paper concludes with a research agenda proposing a research project including a discussion of related issues and challenges.
Description: Börner, D., Kalz, M., & Specht, M. (2011). Thinking outside the box – A vision of ambient learning displays. International Journal Technology Enhanced Learning, 3(6), 627–642.
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