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Title: Transforming existing content into reusable Learning Objects
Authors: Doorten, Monique
Giesbers, Bas
Janssen, José
Daniels, Jan
Koper, Rob
Keywords: Learning Design
Educational Modelling
Issue Date: 28-Nov-2003
Abstract: This article will address the question of how to deal with the reuse of existing course materials within the realm of a learning object (LO) economy, both on the level of individual subject experts and the broader organisational level. Since the success of the idea of a LO economy will highly rely on approved standards, we will further compare the examples from the literature with the IMS learning design, more specifically with respect to the smallest reusable objects defined in these approaches. After deriving recommendations and constraints regarding LO design, the third section will describe the process of decomposing existing material in terms of checks and analyses that have to be made successively.
Description: Please cite as: Doorten, M., Giesbers, B., Janssen, J., Daniëls, J, & Koper, E.J.R., (2004). Transforming existing content into reusable learning objects. In R. McGreal, Online Education using Learning Objects (pp. 116-127). London: RoutledgeFalmer.
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