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Title: Praktijkkennis van leerkrachten als ontwerpers van een ICT rijke leeromgeving
Authors: Boschman, Ferry
McKenney, Susan
Voogt, Joke
Keywords: design
Issue Date: 30-Dec-2011
Abstract: The development of early literacy can be fostered through an ICT-learning environment. The effectiveness of such an environment greatly depends on teachers ability in ICT-classroom integration and his or her practical ICT knowledge. This study explores the practical ICT knowledge of kindergarten teachers within the context of early literacy. The study involved participation of 10 teachers who were interviewed and asked to draw a concept map about early literacy. The interview was semi-structured, asking teachers to express their knowledge, beliefs and practical examples within three domains; technological, pedagogical and early literacy knowledge. It was found that teachers pedagogical knowledge is aimed at a childs‟ wellbeing in classroom and early literacy classroom practice. This resonated in their technological knowledge, stating what is pedagogical appropriate. Their early literacy knowledge was directly linked to teaching early literacy, conceptual understanding was shallow; mostly expressed through explaining activities in their classroom. This study suggests that teachers should be adequately supported in building their early literacy knowledge base, if they are to be successful in designing and implementing an ICT rich learning environment.
Description: Ormel, B., Pareja, N., & McKenney, S. (2011, 8-10 June). Praktijkkennis van leerkrachten als ontwerpers van een ICT rijke leeromgeving. Presentation at the ORD annual meeting, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
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