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Title: Agency of classroom settings: The influence of ICT
Authors: Tondeur, Jo
Van Den Driessche, Maarten
De Bruyne, Ellen
McKenney, Susan
Keywords: technology
Issue Date: 30-Dec-2011
Abstract: The purpose of this study to gain deeper insights into how ICT as a new didactic means restructures the classroom as a material and spatial setting. In this manner, we examine how technology reorganizes educational practice. Specifically, an exploratory case study attempted to examine the relationship between ICT and the classroom setting in 12 primary schools in Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. Based on the pictures of the classroom setting in the sample schools, the aim of the first phase is to determine different types of classroom settings. Second, based on this typology, teachers are selected and interviewed about their perceptions of the link between the educational use of ICT and the classroom setting. The results indicate that 1) the classroom setting is in transition from one central display (blackboard) to multiple screens 2) that because of the position of ICT the educational practice is spatially dispersed over different locations within the school and 3) that the specific positioning of ICT affect the use of ICT in teaching and learning activities. The question to what extent we have to rethink the spatial layout of a classroom and the school building in its totality will be the starting point of the discussion.
Description: Tondeur, J., Van Den Driessche, M., De Bruyne, E., & McKenney, S. (2011, 13-16 September). Agency of classroom settings: The influence of ICT. Presentation at the ECER annual meeting, Berlin, Germany.
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