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Title: Geo-Quiz 3
Authors: Burgos, Daniel
Keywords: IMS Learning Design
Unit of Learning
Issue Date: 6-Jul-2005
Abstract: - small quiz about knowledge of Geography - user name requested - five questions with three possible answers. Depending on the answer one or another value is provided (0, 1 or 2) with a maximum of 10 to the full test - only when you have answered the five questions you can go ahead to see the results (don´t forget to refresh your browser) - a total, and simple average and a porcentage of accuracy are calculated - an adaptive feedback is provided depending on the average (less than 50, between 50 and 75 and more than 75) - the next activity delivered depends also on the feedback
Description: Objectives: - to show and hide layers with different content - to set-up and manage properties to handle the answers, inside the manifest.xml file - to use ´view-property´ and ´set-property´ in external XHTML files together with information layers - to store values depending on choices and make calculations with them - to adapt the learning process depending on the feedback acquired
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