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Title: D.3.1- Major trends arising from the network
Authors: Fetter, Sibren
Berlanga, Adriana
Sloep, Peter
Vuorikari, Riina
Keywords: Tellnet
social network analysis
Ad Hoc Transient Groups
Issue Date: 29-Jan-2012
Abstract: The workpackage 3 of the Tellnet project, Teachers’ Professional Development, focuses on studying the professional development aspects of an informal lifelong network. The case studied in this deliverable is based on early analyses of the eTwinning data extractions from the eTwinning platform. In this deliverable, some early trends will be analyzed using social network analysis (SNA) to identify strengths and weaknesses in these networks. Additionally, empirical data about eTwinners “sense of connectedness” and a number of other characteristics was collected using surveys and a workshop and will be reported here. Finally, the deliverable discusses findings from the current state of the network and their implications for eTwinners, and presents new possible areas of improvement for eTwinning.
Description: Fetter, S., Berlanga, A. J., Sloep, P. B., & Vuorikari, R. (2011). D.3.1 Major trends arising from the network. Tellnet project.
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