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Title: A questionnaire for lifelong learners on mobile usage habits
Authors: Tabuenca, Bernardo
Keywords: lifelong learning
mobile usage habits
Issue Date: 29-May-2012
Abstract: Results from a questionnaire filled out by 147 lifelong learners. The primary aim of the questionnaire is to analyse learning practices in adults, and recognize patterns of lifelong learners in order to support them with technologies. These patterns capture the time of the day in which lifelong learners are more willing to learn, day of the week, duration, location, activity being performed, type of device being used, the way to interact with them and how these aspects can affect when an adult student takes the initiative to learn.“Questionnaire for lifelong learners”, Annex I, english version “Cuestionario para alumnos de formación continua”, Annex II, spanish version Data exported from the on-line survey platform, Annex III, MS Excel 2010 spreadsheet Database created from spreadsheet, Annex IV, MS Access 2010 file Generated queries to analyze the results, Annex V, SQL text file Report generated from requests, Annex VI, MS Excel 2010 spreadsheet Summarized results from the “Questionnaire for lifelong learneres”, Annex VII, pdf file
Description: Tabuenca, B. (2012). A questionnaire for lifelong learners on mobile usage habits [Data file and code book]. Heerlen, The Netherlands: Open Universiteit in the Netherlands, NELLL.
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