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Title: A Conceptual Business Intelligence Framework for the Identification, Analysis and Visualization of Container Data Changes and its Impact on Yard Movement
Authors: Westbroek, Martijn
Keywords: Business Intelligence
Knowledge Discovery
Yard Movement
Data Changes
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2012
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: The number of unproductive handlings (moves) per container visit is one of the key performance indicators used by port terminal management. These additional unproductive moves could be caused by changes in data between arrival and departure of a container. This work presents a Business Intelligence approach for identification, analysis and visualization of relationships between relevant container data changes and yard moves. The empirical study shows that data accuracy is even worse than indicated by Steenken et al (30-40%). When only looking at full export containers, 84% had one or more data changes. It would be expected that containers with data changes have more yard moves on average than containers without data changes. However no strong relation is found between data changes and yard moves. This may mean that extension of the conceptual framework is needed to take into account other factors that may influence yard movement. For now the container data changes problem is identified, analyzed and visualized, however not yet solved.
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