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Title: CopperCore 2.2.2
Authors: Martens, Harrie
Vogten, Hubert
Koper, Rob
Keywords: CopperCore
IMS Learning Design
Issue Date: 21-Oct-2005
Abstract: CopperCore, a J2EE run time engine for IMS Learning Design which can be used to incorporate IMS Learning Design in your own application(s). Both Java and a SOAP APIs are provided with CopperCore.
Description: Changes in this release: added support for FireFox webbrowser, corrected a number of bugs.
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coppercore_ccrt_2.2.2.tar.gzCopperCore Run Time distribution for Linux/Mac OSX.29.54 MB.tar archive compressed by GzipView/Open
coppercore_ccrt_2.2.2.zipCopperCore Run Time distribution for Windows.29.66 MBzipView/Open
coppercore_sources_2.2.2.tar.gzCopperCore source files including build scripts for Linux/Mac OSX.398.51 kB.tar archive compressed by GzipView/Open
coppercore_sources_2.2.2.zipCopperCore source files including build scripts for Windows.927.85 kBzipView/Open

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