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Title: Towards a methodology for educational modelling: a case in educational assessment
Authors: Giesbers, Bas
Van Bruggen, Jan
Hermans, Henry
Joosten-ten Brinke, Desirée
Burgers, Jan
Koper, Rob
Latour, Ignace
Keywords: educational modelling
interoperability of educational (sub) systems
educational ontologies
case study
Issue Date: 24-Oct-2005
Abstract: Interoperability of an educational system requires a model of the system in question. Such a model is a framework that contains its important concepts, processes and relations. Several models have been published but their development, which we call educational modelling, still is a tedious process. We lack clear guidelines or a methodology. In this article we present a case study, in which we take first steps towards the development of a methodology for educational modelling. We do so by analysing our current practice that we typify as expert-driven, model-centred and consensus-based. We explicate the assumptions under this approach and test whether they are met in the case. The results give rise to a number of guidelines that can be used by future projects and that provide a first step towards a more systematic approach to educational modelling.
Description: Giesbers, B., van Bruggen, J., Hermans, H., Joosten-ten Brinke, D., Burgers, J., Koper, R., & Latour, I. (2007). Towards a methodology for educational modelling: a case in educational assessment. Educational Technology & Society, 10 (1), 237-247.
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