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Title: E-XCELLENCE NEXT Report Local seminar Portugal
Authors: Wagemans, Leo
Boon, Jo
Keywords: E-xcellence
Local seminar
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Issue Date: 20-Dec-2012
Abstract: E-learning has become mainstream provision in European higher education and is essential in supporting lifelong learning and internationalisation. By becoming integral part of higher education, e-learning should also be integral part of the QA systems, internal and external, with related innovative and appropriate criteria. In the E-xcellence project (EADTU) an instrument is developed under the e-learning programme that creates an opportunity for the existing channels in QA to adopt new quality guidelines for increased quality, accessibility and attractiveness. As the E-xcellence instrument supplements existing QA systems with e-learning specific issues and addresses directly the higher education and adult education sector, it can be integrated within the existing QA frameworks. In the past 2 stages in which E-xcellence was developed and promoted by and within open and blended universities and QA agencies, it has proven to be a valuable and valued open source tool. In a third step EADTU wants to serve universities Europe wide with an open and updated “quality assurance in e-learning” instrument. One of the institutions where the E-xcellence instrument is introduced, is the Portugese Universidade Aberta (UAb). The report describes the introduction of the E-xcellence instrument in a Local seminar of two days with presentations given by representatives of the different programs, discussions and feedback of the Review team.
Description: Wagemans, L. J. J. M., & Boon, M. J. J. P. M. (2012). E-XCELLENCE NEXT Report Local seminar Portugal. Heerlen: EADTU.
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