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Title: Designing for scale: How relationships shape curriculum change
Authors: Pareja Roblin, Natalie
Corbalan, Gemma
McKenney, Susan
Nieveen, Nienke
Van den Akker, Jan
Keywords: design
Issue Date: 27-Dec-2012
Abstract: This study explores how large scale innovations can achieve alignment between curricular components through interactions among various system actors. Eight successful large-scale curriculum innovation projects were analyzed. Six key themes emerged from interview and document analysis data. Three themes related to salient relationships -i.e. strategic partnerships with (local/national) organizations; identification of individuals acting as linking pins; teacher involvement in design. Three other themes pertained to the relationships’ maintenance -i.e. visible presence; aligning goals; acknowledging the complex and interpersonal nature of relationships. Findings suggest that attending to relationships (professional and personal; strategic and unplanned; formal and informal) should be a key consideration in shaping the process of designing large scale curriculum innovations, and offer examples of how this has been accomplished.
Description: Pareja Roblin, N., Corbalan Perez, G., McKenney, S., Nieveen, N., & Van den Akker, J. (2012, 13-17 April). Designing for scale: How relationships shape curriculum change. Presentation at the AERA annual meeting, Vancouver, Canada. Please see also
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