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Title: Design research and intervention implementation: Horse versus cart?
Authors: McKenney, Susan
Keywords: design research
design-based research
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2012
Abstract: Design research aims to yield the dual outcomes of fundamental understanding and viable solutions to real-world problems. Literature on design research often speaks of embedding scientific inquiry into intervention design or vice versa. This suggests the existence of a horse-and-cart relationship, whereby the horse powers the initiative and the cart carries precious cargo to be delivered. But of these two – scientific inquiry and intervention design – which one is the horse and which one is the cart? And is this mindset productive? This presentation offers multiple examples of educational design research demonstrating variations on the horse-cart mindset. Risks and benefits are discussed, along with recommendations on how to move forward toward more fully integrated design research processes.
Description: McKenney, S. (2012, 23 May). Design research and intervention implementation: Horse versus cart? Invited keynote at the Educational Design Research conference, Enschede, The Netherlands.
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