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Title: Tightening research-practice connections: Applying insights and strategies during design charrettes
Authors: McKenney, Susan
Gomez, Kim
Reiser, Brian
Keywords: design
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2012
Abstract: Design charrettes feature hands-on activities for capturing, analyzing and developing the knowledge, values, and vision of its participants. In this workshop, using a design charrette approach, participants will (a) consider how their research informs formal and informal practice, (b) learn about a variety of outlets for bringing research to practice audiences, and (c) consider who might benefit from learning about the research. Participants will discuss different modes of research-practice interaction, and their implications for the production and use of new knowledge. Individuals will analyze their current approaches to knowledge dissemination for use and participants will share existing strategies to stimulate fruitful and mutually informing research-practice connections. Participants will designs their own research-practice connections, both through individual projects and through the ISLS community.
Description: McKenney, S., Gomez, K., & Reiser, B. (2012). Tightening research-practice connections: Applying insights and strategies during design charrettes. In J. van Aalst, K. Thompson, M. J. Jacobson, & P. Reimann (Eds.), The future of learning: Proceedings of the 10th international conference of the learning sciences (Vol. 2, pp. 590-591). Sydney, NSW, Australia: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
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