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Title: E-xcellence Next: Local seminars
Authors: Wagemans, Leo
Boon, Jo
Keywords: E-xcellence
local seminar
Issue Date: 16-Jan-2013
Abstract: In the E-xcellence project (EADTU) an instrument is developed under the e-learning programme that creates an opportunity for the existing channels in QA to adopt new quality guidelines for increased quality, accessibility and attractiveness. As the E-xcellence instrument supplements existing QA systems with e-learning specific issues and addresses directly the higher education and adult education sector, it can be integrated within the existing QA frameworks. In the past 2 stages in which E-xcellence was developed and promoted by and within open and blended universities and QA agencies, it has proven to be a valuable and valued open source tool. In a third step EADTU wants to serve universities Europe wide with an open and updated “quality assurance in e-learning” instrument. In the Project meeting during EADTU's Annual Conference in Paphos, on 27-28 th September 2012 (Cyprus.), the project managers of Workpackage 2 reported that all 7 local seminars have been implemented. The hosts were asked to fill in an evaluation form and return this during summer. All comments are processed into several tables and are presented in the meeting.
Description: Wagemans, L. J. J. M., & Boon, M. J. J. P. M. (2012, 26 September). E-xcellence Next: Local seminars. Presentation about project results for project management and members at E-xcellence meeting, Paphos, Cyprus. Heerlen, The Netherlands: EADTU.
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