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Title: Ten steps to complex learning (2nd ed.)
Authors: Van Merriënboer, Jeroen
Kirschner, Paul A.
Keywords: 4C-ID
Instructional Design
Ten Steps
Complex Learning
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Abstract: Ten Steps to Complex Learning presents a path from a training problem to a training solution in a way that students, practitioners (both instructional designers and teachers), and researchers can understand and easily use. Practitioners can use this book as a reference guide to support their design of courses, materials, or environments for complex learning. Students in the field of instructional design can use this book to broaden their knowledge of the design of training programs for complex learning. Now fully revised to incorporate the most current research in the field, this second edition of Ten Steps to Complex Learning includes user-friendly examples and case studies, and demonstrates the application of the ten steps in relation to the design of serious games, learning networks, social media, and new developments in educational neuroscience.
Description: Van Merriënboer, J. J. G., & Kirschner, P. A. (2013). Ten steps to complex learning (2nd ed.). New York: Taylor & Francis.
ISBN: 0415807964
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