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Title: Mindergie ARLearn Game Script
Authors: Börner, Dirk
Kalz, Marco
Keywords: ARLearn
serious games
mobile learning
augmented reality
role playing
Issue Date: 27-Feb-2013
Abstract: The "Mindergie" game has been designed and tested at the main campus of the Open Universiteit in the context of the project “Energy Conservation Behaviour Toolkit - Incentive Mechanisms for effective decrease of energy consumption at the workplace” which has been funded from May 2012 – November 2012 from the SURFnet Innovation grant for sustainable ICT solutions. The game about energy consumption and conservation at the workplace has been scripted and played using the ARLearn toolkit. The main purpose was to provide the users with useful information on the What, Why, and How as well as to motivate them to get involved and committed. The game was played in weekly rounds structured around certain topics. The first week started with an introduction to the game and the technologies used to play it. The second and third week were then mainly about electricity and respectively gas consumption and conservation at the workplace. Finally the fourth week dealt with individual consumption footprints and alternative conservation strategies. The main items that could be found in the rounds were: information, actions, and challenges. All the items appeared in the ARLearn message list or opened automatically when they became available. From time to time users were asked to answer questions, either as part of an item or in the course of quizzes. Usually when answering questions, read information, perform actions, or master challenges new items appeared. Users did not have to do everything at once. They could return at any moment and proceed with the game. During the game users could earn badges that demonstrate a skill, achievement, or quality (based on Mozilla's Open Badge Infrastructure). If users successfully answered questions, read information, performed actions, or mastered challenges they received a badge for that.
Description: Börner, D., & Kalz, M. (2012). Mindergie ARLearn Game Script [ARLearn Game Script]. Heerlen, The Netherlands: Open Universiteit.
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