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Title: Cloud Identity & Access Management Model: success factors for Identity & Access Management in cloud computing
Authors: Piepers, Tim
Keywords: identity & access management (IAM)
project management
cloud computing
Issue Date: 27-Feb-2013
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: This research identified critical success factors that enable companies to successfully implement an Identity & Access management (IAM) solution, allowing them to effectively integrate IT services and seamlessly leverage in-house, cloud applications. IAM refers to the processes, technologies and policies for managing digital identities and controlling how identities can be used to access resources. The following research questions have been answered: - How is IAM defined and implemented in large organizations that use cloud services? - What are the drivers, from a business point-of-view, for implementing IAM, both at tactical and strategic level? - What factors related to IAM maturity, cloud readiness and project maturity (and possibly others) contribute to a successful IAM implementation? From literature a reference model has been derived containing a set of success factors from four areas: governance, project management, identity management and access management. The reference model was empirically tested via interviews. It is concluded that IAM for and to SaaS are predominantly implemented in large organizations. Implementing cloud based IAM solutions is driven more by tactical than strategic reasons. The identified success factors focus on developing an identity management system, creating a standard set of attributes for each person, enabling external access through a federation, treating IAM as a strategic asset and initiative, and governance. In the empirical research, also factors in the areas of privacy and security have been identified.
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