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Title: Assessment literacy to improve assessment quality
Authors: Joosten-ten Brinke, Desirée
Keywords: assessment literacy
Issue Date: 14-Mar-2013
Abstract: Assessment is an important determinant for the quality of the learning processes and it is more than constructing a test and present it to the students. In this part of the course, we will discuss the quality of assessment on different levels during the assessment cycle from design and development to analyses and evaluation. How to design a valid and reliable assessment with objective, efficient and relevant items that suits the requirements of a balanced assessment programme and the assessment policy of your institute? There will be a link of assessment for the educational practices and assessment for the research practice. Because also for research counts that reliable outcomes starts with reliable and valid (assessment) instruments.
Description: Joosten-ten Brinke, D. (2013, 28 February). Assessment literacy to improve assessment quality. Lecture at the ICO-course ‘Multiple perspectives on assessment', Maastricht, The Netherlands.
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