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Title: Socio-semantic Networks of Research Publications in the Learning Analytics Community
Authors: Fazeli, Soude
Drachsler, Hendrik
Sloep, Peter
Keywords: Open Discovery Space
learning analytics
Issue Date: 29-Apr-2013
Abstract: In this paper, we present network visualizations and an analysis of publications data from the LAK (Learning Analytics and Knowledge) in 2011 and 2012, and the special edition on Learning and Knowledge Analytics in Journal of Educational Technology and Society (JETS) in 2012.
Description: Fazeli, S., Drachsler, H., & Sloep, P. B. (2013). Socio-semantic Networks of Research Publications in the Learning Analytics Community. In M. d'Aquin, S. Dietze, H. Drachsler, E. Herder, & D. Taibi (Eds.), Linked data challenge, Learning Analytic and Knowledge (LAK13) (pp. 6-10). Vol. 974, Leuven, Belgium.
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