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dc.contributor.authorReijners, Pauline-
dc.contributor.authorKester, Liesbeth-
dc.contributor.authorWetzels, Sandra-
dc.contributor.authorKirschner, Paul A.-
dc.descriptionReijners, P. B. G., Kester, L., Wetzels, S. A. J., & Kirschner, P. A. (2013, 29 May). Optimizing the 3R study strategy to learn from text. Presentation at plenary meeting Learning & Cogntion, Heerlen, The Netherlands.en_US
dc.description.abstractPauline Reijners began as PhD-candidate in August 2011 under the supervision of Prof. Paul A. Kirschner and Prof. Liesbeth Kester. Her research focuses on the effects of the ‘read-recite-review’ study strategy on learning from expository texts. In her first experiment with first year university students, the learning effects of using different types of questions during study (verbatim and comprehension) were compared to those of a free recall test during study. In a second experiment, this time with secondary school students, she investigated different strategies that pupils use when studying texts and whether differences in learning can be found between pupils who used comprehension questions while studying a text, applied free recall to what they had read, or who reread the text. During the plenary meeting, Pauline will discuss the results of the first experiment in detail and will present preliminary results of the second.en_US
dc.subject3R study strategyen_US
dc.subjectlearning from texten_US
dc.titleOptimizing the 3R study strategy to learn from texten_US
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