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Title: Enterprise Architecture modelling to support collaboration - The ArchiMate language as a tool for communication
Authors: Veken, Kurt Van der
Keywords: Enterprise Architecture
Shared Understanding
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2013
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: A general problem within organizations with complex business processes is that the communication is often not efficient between different departments or business units. The objective was to evaluate if the architecture modelling language ArchiMate could be used as a tool for efficient communication, to support effective collaboration over the different domains in an enterprise. The central research question that is answered in the research report is the following: 'Can an organization support communication and collaboration by using Enterprise Architecture modelling?' The qualitative empirical research consisted of case studies at two service providers, were the data was mainly gathered trough interviews. A baseline measurement was taken for the current situation of communication based on documents and models After presenting a model created in ArchiMate, there was an interview to measure the effectiveness of the model in the context of the shared understanding model and the central research question. The answer provided to the research question, has shown a positive evaluation of ArchiMate as an enterprise architecture modelling language to support the collaboration in an enterprise.
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