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Title: Towards immersive situated learning with mobile serious games
Authors: Klemke, Roland
Keywords: SALOMO
Mobile learning
serious games
immersive learning
mobile serious games
Issue Date: 8-Oct-2013
Abstract: Learning - we all know it's crucial to become better in any field. Yet, learning is hard work comprising many aspects: theory, background, practice, training, transfer, tests. While children combine learning and playing naturally, we loose this ability when we grow up. Serious gaming is an attempt to bring this combination back to education: games offer immersive environments, motivational mechanisms and can be used to teach a large number of skills and competencies. With the emergence and wide spread distribution of mobile devices together with the professionalization of app distribution channels, it became easier than ever to reach learners, to create and distribute small scale learning apps and games. Mobile serious games have the potential to combine situated learning experiences with immersive game mechanics.
Description: Klemke, R. (2013, 12-13 September). Towards immersive situated learning with mobile serious games. Keynote presentation at Game Industry Trends 2013 (GIT 2013), Warsaw, Poland.
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