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Title: Enhancing informal learning recognition through TRAILER project
Authors: Conde, Miguel Á.
García-Peñalvo, Francisco J.
Zangrando, Valentina
García-Holgado, Alicia
Seoane-Pardo, Antonio M.
Alier, Marc
Galanis, Nikolas
Griffiths, Dai
Johnson, Mark
Janssen, José
Brouns, Francis
Vogten, Hubert
Finders, Anton
Sloep, Peter
Marques, Maria A.
Viegas, Maria C.
Alves, Gustavo R.
Waszkiewicz, Elwira
Mykowska, Aleksandra
Minovic, Miroslav
Milovanovic, Milos
Keywords: TRAILER project
informal learning
knowledge management
Issue Date: 14-Oct-2013
Abstract: The evolution of new technology and its increasing use, has for some years been making the existence of informal learning more and more transparent, especially among young and older adults in both Higher Education and workplace contexts. However, the nature of formal and non-formal, coursebased, approaches to learning has made it hard to accommodate these informal processes satisfactorily. The project aims to facilitate first the identification by the learner (as the last responsible of the learning process), and then the recognition by the institution, in dialogue with the learner, of this learning. To do so a methodology and a technological framework to support it have been implemented. This project has been tested in several contexts showing that an informal learning dialogue between learners and people in charge of the institutions is possible.
Description: Conde, M. A., García-Peñalvo, F. J., Zangrando, V., García-Holgado, A., Seoane-Pardo, A. M., Alier, M., Galanis, N., Griffiths, D., Johnson, M., Janssen, J., Brouns, F., Vogten, H., Finders, A., Sloep, P. B., Marques, M. A., Viegas, M. C., Alves, G. R., Waszkiewicz, E., Mykowska, A., Minovic, M., & Milovanovic, M. (2013). Enhancing informal learning recognition through TRAILER project. In F. J. García-Peñalvo, M. Á. Conde, & D. Griffiths (Eds.), Proceedings of the Workshop on Solutions that Enhance Informal Learning Recognition (WEILER 2013) (pp. 21-30). September, 18, 2013, Paphos, Cyprus.
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