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Title: The roles of electronic books in the transformation of learning and instruction
Authors: Huang, Ronghuai
Chen, Nian-Shing
Kang, Myunghee
McKenney, Susan
Churchill, Daniel
Keywords: Ebooks
Issue Date: 14-Jan-2014
Abstract: As students become increasingly more reliant and absorbed in technology, the new technology roles in their lives have affected many aspects of their learning traits. Some researchers have confirmed that the learning habits of today’s youngsters are very different from that of their parents and teachers. The educational demands of this new century require new ways of thinking, teaching and learning for digital generation. So it is widely appealed that teaching and learning is more challenging than ever to help improve the digital generation students’ learning experience, and to help them participate learning activities more engagement.
Description: Huang, R., Chen, N., Kang, M. McKenney, S. & Churchill, D. (2013). The roles of electronic books in the transformation of learning and instruction. In N. Chen, R. Huang, Kinshuk, Y. Li, D. G. Sampson (Eds.) Proceedings of the IEEE 13th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), pp. 516-518.
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