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Title: Towards a knowledge base for using ICT to foster early literacy development: A review study
Authors: Belo, Nelleke
McKenney, Susan
Voogt, Joke
Keywords: early literacy
Issue Date: 14-Jan-2014
Abstract: A review study was conducted to describe the knowledge and skills teachers need for designing, organizing, and adapting technology-rich learning environments for fostering early literacy development in the kindergarten classroom. The sample consisted of 46 articles that reported on the affordances of technology in relation to kindergartners’ early literacy development. The review included studies on electronic books, computer-based training programs, technology-based curriculum supplements, technology-rich literacy curricula, assistive technology, and other educational media and sources for technology-rich literacy education. The findings report on the effects of technology and ict-applications on (aspects of) children’s early literacy development including emergent reading and writing skills. The conclusions and discussion section focuses on the kind of evidence these studies provide in light of teachers’ knowledge base for using technology and ict in early literacy education.
Description: Belo, N., McKenney, S. & Voogt, J. (2013). Towards a knowledge base for using ICT to foster early literacy development: A review study. Paper presentation at the annual meeting of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction. August 27-31, Munich.and Instruction. August 27-31, Munich.
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