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Title: Design research, participation and the built school environment
Authors: McKenney, Susan
Keywords: design
participatory design
Issue Date: 14-Jan-2014
Abstract: This presentation provides considerations for the future-building school based on existing work on design, design research, participation in design and the built school environment. It addresses the following questions: - What can we learn from research on design? - What do schools need to productively co-create? - What is the role of empathy in shaping participation? - How might we view interaction between buildings and curriculum enactment? - How might design research benefit the Future Building School? Based on the presentations and discussions during the first day of the meeting, recommendations and considerations for each are discussed.
Description: McKenney, S. (2013). Design research, participation and the built school environment. Invited presentation to the advisory board of the AHRC-NWO project on Participatory Design of the Future Building School. December 2-3, London.
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