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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jul-2014Where is my time? Identifying productive time of lifelong learners for effective feedback servicesTabuenca, Bernardo; Kalz, Marco; Börner, Dirk; Ternier, Stefaan; Specht, Marcus
3-Sep-2014Die Welt als Spielfeld: Mobile Serious Games mit Augmented RealityKlemke, Roland; Schneider, Jan; Happe, Sven; Bockelmann, Timo; Börner, Dirk; Specht, Marcus
25-Jul-2014Pervasive Visual Interfaces to Change Energy Consumption Behaviour at the WorkplaceBörner, Dirk; Kalz, Marco; Ternier, Stefaan; Specht, Marcus
16-Oct-2014Show me the way: proximity layered feedback services in smart citiesTabuenca, Bernardo; Börner, Dirk; Kalz, Marco; Specht, Marcus
25-Nov-2015Interactive Experiences for Learning/GamesBörner, Dirk
14-Jul-2015Mobile Contextualized learning games for decision support trainingKlemke, Roland; Börner, Dirk; Suarez, Angel; Schneider, Jan; Antonaci, Alessandra
11-Mar-2017Learning Pulse: a machine learning approach for predicting performance in self-regulated learning using multimodal dataDi Mitri, Daniele; Scheffel, Maren; Drachsler, Hendrik; Börner, Dirk; Ternier, Stefaan; Specht, Marcus
25-Nov-2015They want to tell us: Attention-aware Design and Evaluation of Ambient Displays for LearningBörner, Dirk; Kalz, Marco; Specht, Marcus
9-Jul-2015User-modelled ambient feedback for self-regulated learningTabuenca, Bernardo; Börner, Dirk; Kalz, Marco; Specht, Marcus
26-Nov-2015D3.2 Instructional Designs for learning analytics and reflection supportVan Rosmalen, Peter; Börner, Dirk; Van Helvert, Joy; Petukhova, Volha