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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Aug-2014Active commuting to school, cognitive performance, and academic achievement: an observational study in Dutch adolescents using accelerometersVan Dijk, Martin; De Groot, Renate; Van Acker, Frederik; Savelberg, Hans; Kirschner, Paul A.
23-Aug-2017Updating and not shifting predicts learning performance in young and middle-aged adultsGijselaers, Jérôme; Meijs, Celeste; Neroni, Joyce; Kirschner, Paul A.; De Groot, Renate
10-Jun-2017PHIT2LEARN, PHysical activity InTerventions to enhance LEARNing in vocational education and trainingDe Groot, Renate; Ramakers, Bob; Savelberg, Hans; Chin A Paw, Mai; Singh, Amika; Gijselaers, Jérôme
5-Oct-2017Puberbrein 'extended' - Leren, een levenslang bouwprocesDe Groot, Renate
31-Jul-2014Relation between current and early LCPUFA exposure on academic achievements at age 7: Is there an early programming effect?Van der Wurff, Inge; Bakker, Esther; Hornstra, Gerard; Zeegers, Maurice; De Groot, Renate
21-Sep-2015Workshop ALOUD 'Onderzoek voor, door en met de OU'Gijselaers, Jérôme; De Groot, Renate
4-Aug-2014Food2Learn: Randomized control trial investigating influence of krill oil supplementation on learning, cognition, and behaviour in healthy adolescents. Design presentationVan der Wurff, Inge; Von Schacky, Clemens; Berge, Kjetil; Kirschner, Paul A.; De Groot, Renate
4-Aug-2014Nutrition and the BrainVan der Wurff, Inge; Broens-Paffen, Marije; Kirschner, Paul A.; De Groot, Renate
4-Aug-2014Voeding en het breinVan der Wurff, Inge; Broens-Paffen, Marije; Kirschner, Paul A.; De Groot, Renate