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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Towards a Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Assessment (CTMMA)Kirschner, Paul A.; Park, Babette; Malone, Sarah; Jarodzka, Halszka
2017Combining Concept Maps and Interviews to Produce Representations of Personal Professional Theories in Higher Vocational Education: Effects of Order and Vocational DomainVan den Bogaart, Antoine; Schaap, Harmen; Hummel, Hans; Kirschner, Paul A.
2017Development of Personal Professional Theories: from Higher Vocational Education into Beginnings of Professional CareersVan den Bogaart, Antoine; Hummel, Hans; Kirschner, Paul A.
2017Comparing Collective and Personal Professional Theories of Experienced PractitionersVan den Bogaart, Antoine; Mazereeuw, Marco; Hummel, Hans; Kirschner, Paul A.
23-Aug-2017Updating and not shifting predicts learning performance in young and middle-aged adultsGijselaers, Jérôme; Meijs, Celeste; Neroni, Joyce; Kirschner, Paul A.; De Groot, Renate
2017There is more variation within than across domains: an interview with Paul A. Kirschner about applying cognitive psychology based instructional design principles in mathematics teaching and learningKirschner, Paul A.; Verschaffel, Lieven; Star, Jon; Van Dooren, Wim
2017A meta-analysis of the relationship of academic performance and Social Network Site use among adolescents and young adultsLui, Dong; Kirschner, Paul A.; Karpinski, Aryn
2017Physical activity and school absenteeism due to illness in adolescentsDe Groot, Renate; Van Dijk, Martin; Savelberg, Hans; Van Acker, Frederik; Kirschner, Paul A.
2017Finding a middle ground: Wars never settle anythingKirschner, Paul A.; Lund, Kristine
2017Examination of a social-networking site activities scale (SNSAS) using Rasch analysisAlhaythami, Hassan; Karpinski, Aryn; Kirschner, Paul A.; Bolden, Edward