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Title: NFC LearnTracker: Seamless support for learning with mobile and sensor technology
Authors: Tabuenca, Bernardo
Kalz, Marco
Specht, Marcus
Keywords: lifelong learning
learning analytics
Issue Date: 29-Oct-2014
Citation: Tabuenca, B., Kalz, M., & Specht, M. (2015). NFC LearnTracker: Seamless support for learning with mobile and sensor technology. In M. Ebner, K. Erenli, R. Malaka, J. Pirker, & A. E. Walsh (Eds.), Proceedings of the 4th European Immersive Education Summit (pp. 73-84). 2014, 24-26 November, Vienna, Austria.
Abstract: Lifelong learning activities are scattered along the day, in different locations and making use of multiple devices. Most of the times adults have to merge learning, work and everyday life making it difficult to have an account on how much time is devoted to learning activities and learning goals. Learning experiences are disrupted and mobile seamless learning technology provides new solutions to integrate daily life activities and learning in the same process. Hence, there is a need to provide tools that are smoothly integrated into adults’ daily life. This manuscript presents the NFC LearnTracker, a mobile tool proposing the user to immerse within his autobiography as a learner to identify successful physical learning environments, mark them with sensor tags, bind them to self-defined learning goals, keep track of the time invested on each goal with a natural interface, and monitor the learning analytics. This work implies a suitable tool for lifelong learners to bind scattered activities keeping them in a continuing learning flow. The NFC LearnTracker is released under open access licence with the aim to foster adaptation to further communities as well as to facilitate the extension to the increasing number of sensor and NFC tags existent in the market.
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