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Title: Embarking On Enterprise Architecture; A Study into Enterprise Architecture Start-up Factors in Dutch Government Organisations
Authors: Kamphuis, Remco
Keywords: Enterprise-architectuur
Implementatie van architectuur
Issue Date: 5-Nov-2014
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: According to common belief Enterprise architecture connects business and IT; it is an important tool for survival and growth. Many enterprise architecture endeavours, however, fail. Question is, how can risks of Enterprise Architecture implementation failure be reduced at an early stage? Underlying questions concern: why would a particular organisation need enterprise architecture, can implementation risks be identified and are solutions available to reduce the failure rate? In order to answer the four research questions a literature study is performed to build an implementation model. The model advocates deliberate motivation (the ratio behind the enterprise architecture), active risk management and an iterative and incremental implementation of enterprise architecture. Next to the literature, in order to validate the implementation model, a multiple case-study has been conducted at four Dutch government organisations. The implementation model is mostly corroborated by the case-study. It will take more research, quantitatively and qualitatively, to further assess the model.
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