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Title: The Role of Breakfast Diversity and Conscientiousness in Depression and Anxiety
Other Titles: De Rol van Gevarieerd Ontbijten en Consciëntieusheid in Angst en Depressie
Authors: Aagenborg, Alexandra
Keywords: breakfast
mental health
Issue Date: 21-Nov-2014
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: People who regularly eat breakfast have been linked with less depressive and anxiety symptoms than people who do not eat breakfast. It is unclear whether breakfast diversity quality can also play a role in mental health. It is not known whether people with more food variety at breakfast report less depressive and anxiety symptoms than those with less food variety. The Big Five personality trait conscientiousness may play an important role on the relation of breakfast diversity and mental health since high conscientiousness is associated with healthy eating and less depressive and anxiety symptoms. This study intended to provide a better understanding of the association of breakfast diversity on depression and anxiety and the moderating influence of conscientiousness on this relation. Based on five food groups promoted as “the Disc of Five” by the Netherlands Nutrition Center, a breakfast consumed from five food groups was considered the most varied and most healthy breakfast.
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